Cinekid MediaLab opens in Shanghai
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This spring Cinekid will deliver MediaLab to the Chinese city of Shanghai. The pilot event will take place in Youcheng Park in The New Bund, the site of the World Expo 2010, with a public opening set for Thursday 1 June - International Children’s Day.

In 2016 Cinekid was approached by Shanghai Ruihe Aesthetic Education Investment Co. Ltd, a company that strives to make high-quality media art accessible to Chinese children. Cinekid was the obvious partner in this venture as there is nothing comparable to MediaLab in China. Ruihe had previously collaborated with Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

Following on from the pilot, both Cinekid and Ruihe aim to organise a MediaLab tour of various cities across China involving local schools and educational institutes.

Floor van Spaendonck, Director of Cinekid: "For Cinekid, this interesting project is part of the desire to further expand our cultural entrepreneurship and international exchange."

Workshops & installations

For the Shanghai MediaLab, Cinekid is offering a series of workshops and installations which were previously part of the festival in Amsterdam. For example, there will be an animation workshop in which children can make their own stop-motion films using a green screen, and one where children can learn how to make their own VR headsets using simple materials.

In addition Shanghai MediaLab will feature the interactive installations Line Wobbler, Mutant Me, LEAP Experience and Room Racers, previously presented at Cinekid. The Cinekid AppLab and Virtual Reality Cinema will also play prominent roles in the Shanghai venture.


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