Fleur Willemijn van Beinum
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Fleur Willemijn van Beinum is an experienced Content and Social Media Strategist. She creates a Content Strategy based on data and insights to contribute to your business objectives. Along the way ensuring improvements in processes and ways of working. Setting up teams. And improve agency and vendor management. Integrating content as a seamless discipline within your current organization. As an independent consultant, she worked for over 35 top tier international brands and agencies.

She started her career back in 1999, since 2006 as a freelancer. With a profound background in Social Science, Marketing, PR, and project management she challenges 'to make the best better' and to defy the odds by thinking differently. Fixing the basics to excel later. Named a 'walking content and social encyclopedia' and the 'Gordon Ramsay of content'.

Storyteller by nature, inspirator by nurture. Specialist in content ideation, production, and distribution. All supported by data, research, and insights.



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