[Column] Fleur Willemijn van Beinum: Four common mistakes in content strategy
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And how to fix them

Over the past months and even years, all my conversations about content strategy reveal four common elements that hinder their success. Being aware of these pitfalls is half the solution.

Upfront my apologies for my bold direct Dutch approach writing down the problems exactly as they are, without any softening or mitigation.

My personal biggest frustration is that content strategy is no real rocket science, yet more often than not, done wrong and missing the point. The majority of the marketers do know the overall potential of content and fail to get a real strategy in place. They are bamboozled in the details by the fast-paced changes in the industry and the lack of short-term measurable attribution to sales.

With an apparent lack of real importance in the C-suite (read: budget) the marketing department is restricted, with the senior content people ruled out. As a consequence, they leave the strategic part to the mediors or even juniors in the team.  Which results in so-called 'content strategies' that actually are rolling yearly campaign plannings.

Why it matters

Being accountable for your marketing budgets doesn't need any explanation. To have insight into why you do content, invest media and production budget, and how the content efforts contribute to the business objectives, is quite essential. This all is secured in the content strategy.

The unknown makes unloved. To directly improve your content strategy, all you have to do is to take these four pitfalls into consideration.

What you will learn

A short outline of this long read with the four windows of opportunity

Pitfall 1: It ain't a strategy

Pitfall 2: Mindset: silo'ed, inside-out, social only, and no end-to-end

Pitfall 3: No data

Pitfall 4: No combination of media and content


Read more about these pitfalls on Fleurs website Thinklikeapublisher.com


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum is an experienced Content and Social Media Strategist with a proven track record for over 35 top notch clients.


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