[Column] Fleur Willemijn van Beinum: Unlock the three secrets of ecomm success in Asia
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Three opportunities with a personal nudge from Jacco ter Schegget. “There are big commercial opportunities for brands in western society”, Jacco ter Schegget [CEO, Publicis Groupe Benelux] explains.

“During my 5 year stay in Asia, I experienced the added (business) value of intertwining content and commerce based on real-time first, second, and third-party data.' ‘After returning to the Netherlands and Belgium, I noticed we are still far behind’. ‘We should look towards the East to know what’s next.”

Before diving into the three differences, first two observations. 

 Fact: we are too slow

“Compared to the East, we are too slow in capturing the opportunities ecommerce offers. We need to speed up to implement the available technology.”

There is no need to explain people to buy more online. Not even to mention the exploding sales numbers of Asian mobile commerce, in value and in volume. Asia is leading the way, notably China.

In the west, you need many different apps, and the experience of seamless shopping is frankly quite broken: inspiration, information, actual sales, fulfilling the payment to finally the confirmation. Nothing compared to the all-in-one-experience in WeChat. Where content and commerce offer much better integration.

Fact: ecommerce still stands alone

In 2020 we continue to define ecommerce as a separate silo, not at the core of the business processes.

Sounds fuzzy, to be more clear: in many cases, there is no integration between the marketing department that is responsible for the content, and the ecommerce department that is responsible for the sales. Instead, there is a focus on short-term marketing campaigns with (vanity) KPIs. We jump from campaign to campaign. We still do not measure the relationship between the content on the year-on-year overall sales impact. 

In short, there is no inter-departmental KPI to measure the success of the content efforts, measured in the most important business metric: sales. There is no long term holistic view of how the content production budget and allocated media budget actually contribute to the business objectives. Of course, there are companies that get it right. But these are far and few between.

Three opportunities

Jacco continues: “There are three differences that hold us back: the company silos, lack of integration, and suboptimal usage of data.” Just being aware of these differences, is the first step to fix it.

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy plug and play fix. The change is in the mindset and it takes time to build a new organization and the processes that go with it. 

Learn more about these three opportunities at Fleurs website Thinklikeapublisher.com


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum is an experienced Content and Social Media Strategist with a proven track record for over 35 top notch clients.


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