[Interview] Filippo Vizzotto over het AR-platform van Shazam
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Shazam lanceert een eigen augmentedrealityplatform voor haar commerciële partners, artiesten en gebruikers. De muziekapp biedt met name merken de mogelijkheid hun marketing tot leven te brengen met custom content. We spreken met Filippo Vizzotto, commercieel manager van Shazam.

Dear Filippo, please tell us about the platform!

Shazam’s new AR feature can bring any marketing materials to life - products, packaging, POS, advertising, events and more - just by using the app to scan unique Shazam Codes. The codes are capable of delivering AR experiences including 3D animations, product visualizations, mini-games and 360-degree videos.

Can you tell us more how the new feature came to life?

Shazam first launched its visual-recognition technology in 2015. Brand partners like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Nestle have successfully used it in their campaigns to connect users to innovative custom content experiences. Augmented reality is definitely on the rise and offers even more of an opportunity to get creative, so we naturally evolved to it. We had the global massive install base and were just missing the technology behind it. We have partnered with Zappar, the world leader in augmented reality on mobile devices, to deliver the code-scanning technology behind Shazam Codes as well as the platform's immersive and expressive short-form mobile experiences.

What are the possibilities?

Shazam’s AR platform offers a way to reach consumers at unprecedented scale - and interact with them in a whole new fashion. Shazam is present in more than 190 countries, and hundreds of millions people Shazam 20 million times a day. With this massive install base and consumers already accustomed to using the app for discovery, our AR represents an opportunity for brands to bring their products to life or make their advertising more engaging for users. Similarly, our AR offers a chance for our artists to be more interactive with their fans, just as brands do. Our launch partner on the artist side was Wyclef Jean, who used Shazam AR on his recent album cover. Country superstar Trace Adkins has done the some, and there are more artists coming up!

What kind of advertisers do you want to attract with the platform?

Anyone who wants to add an innovative form of engagement to a magical solution such as Shazam’s visual recognition. Looking at the AR features available in our portfolio, the Wow!  factor should be easily guaranteed to any client category.

Beam Suntory is one of the launch partners. Who are the others?

Aside from Beam Suntory, Inc., I can confirm we have other partners signed and will be announced shortly.

I can imagine Shazam had to invest a great deal. What’s the business model in short and when do you expect to make a profit of the AR platform?

In a tailor-made perspective, Shazam will find the best fit case by case. Clients will then be charged based on technology and creative work required. Also, we’ll create a portfolio of ready-to-use standardized solutions.

When will Dutch brands be able to use the AR platform?

Immediately. Our local partners, Web Ads, are equipped to handle any sort of request regarding AR.

Is augmented reality the holy marketing grail?

AR certainly had a massive impact on the gaming industry and I believe this feature will resonate with our users and with the advertising industry too. I still see video and programmatic being highly relevant trends in digital marketing, but along with AR, I’d keep an eye on AI in the near future.

How do you see AR develop in the future?

I see AR clearly expanding its horizons in the next few years. Gaming (or gamification for the advertising industry) won’t remain the main field in which AR is used. Just like Shazam, I think several utility apps will soon adopt this tech to enhance their services or experiences. On our side, I’m glad that Shazam is already using AR organically to show the world’s most Shazamed songs, for example.

What’s the latest news?

Shazam recently topped 1 billion downloads and achieved profitability. We also got integrated into Snapchat and Samsung new QLED TVs. This means consumers can leverage Shazam technology when they are in Snap or watching TV with select new Samsung smart TVs. We also partnered with Songkick, and Shazam users are now able to conveniently access concert dates as part of the app’s recently launched Discover feature. Later in April, Shazam will open its first German office in Berlin. Last but not least, we are all so excited about the new interactive game show Beat Shazam, premiering May 25 on Fox. This is the first time an app has its own TV show and it will be executive-produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) and Jeff Apploff (Don’t Forget the Lyrics!) and hosted by Jamie Foxx.



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