[Vacancy] Logitech is looking for a Technical Manager Quality Improvement Project and Data Analytics, 1 Year Contract
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Logitech is directly looking for a: 

Technical Manager Quality Improvement Project and Data Analytics, 1 Year Contract

Project Manager Quality Improvement and Data Analytics for Global Consumer and DC Quality is a new and pivotal role within the Global Quality Organization. You collaborate directly with various key stakeholders like Business Group Product QA (BG PQA), Supply Chain Collaboration & Operations (SCC/OPS), In-house & Joint Design Manufacturing QA, Customer Experiences (CX), 3rd Party Logistics (3PL = Outsourced partner), etc to drive the quality improvement projects based on data and processes.

You will be a key member within a global team to fulfill the quality ambition, cultivate a quality environment, breed a Continuous Improvement mindset across the company, and enhance and evangelize the Consumer Experience closed loop approaches. In this crucial role, you are responsible for the various projects you lead and you will also participate in various initiatives led by others as a Consumer QA peer. You will also be supporting the overall Consumer Quality Radar System and focusing on developing advanced analytical tools and dashboards to strengthen the capability of data mining and report automation. 

You will actively manage the project portfolio with your project team members and peers as well as the key stakeholders and contributors. You will analyse and translate consumer quality data into actionable tasks and achievable goals and see to it that the implementation is realized and targets are met. You will be able to quantify the learnings into savings in dollar amounts.

You will collaborate with our newly established B2B SCC/OPS and CX teams to identify new business requirements and define new quality KPIs and key metrics to support this new business growth. You will continuously seek improvement opportunities and drive Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP) projects with the aim of cost / process efficiency and service excellence. Last but not the least, you represent the voice of the customer (VOC) and you will always propagate this VOC mindset across the company. 

Your Contribution: 

Be Yourself. Be Open. Stay Hungry and Humble. Collaborate. Challenge. Decide and just Do. These are the behaviors you’ll need for success at Logitech. In this role you will:

  • Own and drive RTD (Return to Defect) Insight & Awareness - Data, Processes & Dashboard
  • Participate in various RTD rationalization projects with SC team and key customers
  • Collaborate with new B2B BGs to identify new business needs and drive relevant projects
  • Gap analysis & How to architect CQA infrastructures and capabilities for meeting future return/refurb/repair business need (especially for the new B2B channels and customers)
  • Participate in various other initiatives such as Sustainability/Durability vs Quality study
  • Quantify learnings into savings - Cost of Poor Quality turn into saving opportunities
  • Initiate and Drive CIP projects where cost and process efficiency is improved
  • Data analysis, dashboard development and process enhancement


The Key Success Factors:

  • Highly motivated, data driven and fact based
  • Quality mindset, Maintaining helicopter view while still keeping eyes on details
  • Collaborative, Proactive and Creative
  • Flexible, Persistent and Resilient
  • Agile, Social, Influential and Convincible
  • Team player with independent thoughts
  • Speak out and Listen more
  • Be yourself and Be open
  • Stay Hungry and Humble
  • Decide and just do it


Key Qualifications:

For consideration, you must bring the following minimum skills and behaviours to our team:

  • “BIG Heart” for the consumer and customer with a relentless curiosity to understand what they say about our products and experiences
  • 5+ years experience in Quality Systems / Operations + Project Management (in Supply Chain), preferably in the Consumer electronics or Information technology industry
  • Proven CIP project management, analytical, presentational and executional skills
  • Must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking in English, other languages is a plus
  • Technical background or skills with affinity for design and engineering is a plus
  • Skillful in Excel, Tableau and other analytical tools
  • Ability of rational and resolute decision-making in facing of difficult but urgent situations
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize work while still keeping outstanding eyes on details (zoom in / out and switch gears)
  • Analytical skills including data identification, evaluation, interpretation and solution development and implementation
  • Ability of putting complex puzzles into one overall picture and combine various rings into one logical chain
  • Self-motivated, data driven and fact based
  • Goal-oriented, with a positive proactive attitude and a high degree of initiative taking
  • Self-disciplined, with a high degree of independent task fulfilling in a team environment
  • Ability to build strong working relationships and networks, both internally and externally
  • Team player with an independent thought and ability to adapt and change for the better
  • Influencing, convincing and collaborating skills across various levels in the organization
  • Ability to work in flexible time (can vary between early mornings and late evenings)
  • Ability to keep healthy balance between work and private life (partly work from home, i.e. 1-2 days per week, is possible)


In addition, below skills with certifications are a plus:

  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP or similar)
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Professional (Green/Black belt)
  • Lead Auditor, ISO certified (or similar)



  • Bachelor's Degree in Quality Engineering & Project Management, Supply Chain Engineering & Operations Management, or similar discipline


Logitech is the sweet spot for people who are passionate about products, making a mark, and having fun doing it. As a company, we’re small and flexible enough for every person to take initiative and make things happen. But we’re big enough in our portfolio, and reach, for those actions to have a global impact. That’s a pretty sweet spot to be in and we’re always striving to keep it that way. Apply for this job here.



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