[Vacancy] MeMo² is looking for a (PowerBI) Data Engineer
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MeMo² is directly looking for a:

(PowerBI) Data Engineer

Job Description

At MeMo², we develop every single day. We’ve started from manual data analyses in SPSS/Excel, going to analysis in R, and now we’ve automated these projects from start to finish with Python. Automating the whole process of analysis helps us to improve on error sensitivity, productivity, result, and advice. Since the end of 2019 we’ve introduced our own research platform called THX. With this introduction we’ve upgraded the amount of data enormously. Not only ordering all this data, but also analysing and visualising this data is a major challenge.

For the next new step, we are looking at ways to improve our database and dashboard set-up. While almost the whole process of analysis is automated, from the first CSV input to the visualisation in PowerBI, the next step is to make it more accurate and faster (real-time). This can only be accomplished with a great database and dashboard set-up.

Therefore, we are looking for a (PowerBI) Data Engineer. Is your passion to optimize current database(s), drawing current situations, get in talks with the different stake-holders and find a way to optimize the whole data process. Connect the different databases and integrate/replace queries, to make visualisation in PowerBI more accurate and faster. Do you think you can optimize PowerBI (DataFlow) and PostgreSQL and upgrade our current knowledge on this, do you have affinity with media/marketing and a great analytical view. In that case, the (PowerBI) Data Engineer function is your next great step.


  • Skilled Data Engineer (advanced knowledge on PostgreSQL & PowerBI (dataflow));
  • Knowledge of Python libraries for data science and web development (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and/or Django/Flask);
  • Technical background and/or affinity with Marketing/Media (student of HBO-ICT, Marketing (intelligence), Data Science, Econometric, Technical BSc./MSc. Computer Science, Informatics, or a similar study)
  • Affinity with Media / Marketing and a great analytical view;
  • Knowledge of other programming languages and Visualisation tools (PHP, JavaScript, PowerBI, Tableau etc.) is a plus
  • Good team worker but also happy to work alone



  • Part-time (min. 16-24 hours per week; working hours can be flexibly determined).
  • As (PowerBI) Data Engineer at MeMo² you will be part of the Data Science Center in Groningen, you will be in direct contact with the Data Science and THX. team.
  • Get freedom to develop and experiment with new ideas to innovate/automate data analysis



Send your Cv and motivation letter to datasciencecenter@memo2.nl. For more information, contact Jeroen Turksema on (T: +31 50 211 1996).



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