Postmastery supplies the email infrastructure for GSMWEB - More companies want a self-hosted email tool
11-09-2013 08:38:21 | Door: Nico Scherphuis | hits: 3275 | Tags:

Increasingly more companies are considering having their own email infrastructure to handle bulk emails. The costs are often lower than outsourcing to an Email Service Provider (ESP), according to Postmastery, a company that provides support in the application of bulk email systems. GSMWEB.NL, the largest independent mobile competitor in the Netherlands, now operates entirely with an ‘on premises’ email solution.


At present, 70% of companies that do marketing or send process related emails use an ESP. In some of these cases, it would be worthwhile for the companies to consider an internal system, and particularly so for companies where the number of emails is increasing sharply. ‘In general, using an internal system would make sense if a company sends more than one million emails a month’, says Willem Stam, COO at Postmastery.



GSMWEB.NL sends tens of thousands of emails every day and lower costs were the deciding factor to migrate to a self-hosted email tool. CEO Joost Bruining explains. “If the volume increases, it certainly pays to have your own email solution. Postmastery helped us choose the best software and hosting platform. Our system is based on the email delivery gateway ‘PowerMTA’ with ‘Interspire’ at the front-end. By combining this solution with Postmastery’s email delivery expertise, we are confident that we have the best delivery for our marketing and process related emails.”


Many email senders are unnecessarily wary

Willem Stam, COO at Postmastery, believes that many companies are unnecessarily wary of setting up their own infrastructure. “Up to now we have supported dozens of companies with an ‘on-premise’ email solution and everything has gone and is going well. With the right tools and knowledge, some companies are even doing better in terms of delivery reliability.”