[Vacancy] DPG Media is looking for an Enterprise architect
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DPG Media is directly looking for an:

Enterprise architect

For the DPG Media organisation, we’re looking for a talented Architect who can combine Enterprise, Solution and Technical Architecture.

On a daily basis, our content impacts millions of readers, viewers and listeners, making DPG Media the biggest media house of The Netherlands, Belgium and even Denmark. Without our passionate community, journalists and over 600 IT colleagues, this wouldn’t be possible. As a consequence of our scale, passion and entrepreneurship we have a large set of applications, connections and workflows. Keeping on top of this complexity proves to be an architectural but energising challenge.

What you’ll be doing

As architects, we know that only working systems can deliver business value. That is why we support our cross-functional squads in a scaled Agile, Scrum, You build it, You run it (SecDevOps) environment. We help translate the business roadmap into both the enterprise architecture and technical roadmaps that give squads something to hold on to, but above all offer them the space to do their thing well. Together with the teams, we find answers to business questions and we offer support and coaching in design decisions and their implementation. We furthermore make sure that decisions are in line with DPG Media’s Strategy and resulting Enterprise Architecture.

Our focus is on creating added value for the organisation, internal and external customers, but this does not alter the fact that we make time to deepen and apply our passion for technological excellence where possible. Oh yes, Domain-Driven Design, Attribute-Driven Design and end-to-end architecture are an obvious fact for all of us. We only believe in facts and expertise and break down every ivory tower together.

DPG Media has a strong Domain-Driven oriented architecture and each domain is served and governed by an Area Architect who combines Enterprise, Solution and Technical Architecture. The context of the domain will determine which architectural domain deserves more attention. We expect our architects to have the maturity to self-assess this context.

As a DPG Media Enterprise Architect, reporting to the Head Of Enterprise Architecture, you will be working on the larger Key Initiatives, due diligence assessments, organisational changes and other cross-cutting initiatives. Some projects within DPG Media cross the domain borders and should be assisted by an Enterprise Architect who facilitates the architecture of new initiatives and value-stream based workflows. This of course in close collaboration with the Business Stakeholders, Area Architects and Head of Enterprise Architecture who will assist in the various challenges you might encounter. The duration of a project might vary from a few weeks to a couple of months.

What makes you happy

  • Having direct contact with practice: you sit amongst the concerned business units and IT teams where you fully participate in the context and daily practices to make sure you keep the necessary grip on daily practices and concerns
  • Working along in refinements and project clarifications: You actively contribute to facilitating design decisions by the teams.
  • Facilitate Decisioning: This to properly align Business & IT on strategic and tactical decisions
  • Discovering the real leading requirements and looking for those trade-offs that need to be monitored or, on the contrary, that need to be broken.
  • Monitoring the Quality Attribute Requirements and searching for solutions throughout the entire product development cycle, from idea to deploy.
  • Asking ‘why’ until you can clearly translate this into an architecture that supports both the ‘what’ and ‘how’
  • Understanding the ingrained architectural decisions and qualities of packages and test them against the leading requirements.
  • Encouraging collaboration on Architectural Assessments to make sure you assemble all necessary insights and are able to deliver the necessary proposal before the implementation is planned.


Who you are

We are looking for a colleague experienced in and passionate about design, architecture and agile product development.

  • You can look back on a broad experience as an engineer and/or business focused architect
  • You have experience with using TOGAF or are willing to invest time in a TOGAF certification
  • You are team-oriented, curious, open-minded and eager to learn
  • You are a shape-shifter who can easily absorb (and assist in) new contexts, team setups and ways of working
  • You have a healthy dose of ambition and you use it in a positive way to grow together with our organisation and news media.
  • You are eager to coordinate our IT architecture with us, across the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.
  • Although we usually write in English, fluent understanding and speaking in Dutch is required
  • Challenges? You smile at them and you don't shy away from them.


What we offer 

  • A competitive, experience-based salary
  • A one-year or permanent contract
  • 36-hour workweek
  • 12% in flexible benefits (of which 8% is holiday allowance)
  • A percentage of profit shares
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • An excellent pension scheme
  • Fully paid functional technical training
  • Work with the latest tech stack in an environment where quality is non-negotiable

The extras we offer

Working for DPG Media means being part of a big family that flourishes on learning and accelerating with the energy of a media house. Your architecture contributes to the digital acceleration and the transition from a classical media company to an integrated multi-brand platform.

A lot of space for personal growth, like tech sessions, guilds and our own in-house coaching. And for the future, there are tons of opportunities to develop and grow career-wise.

There also are several ways to switch out conditions of employment, such as buying or trading vacation days or a bike with a tax advantage. When joining our company, you’ll receive a warm welcome. With an extended kickstart programme and a buddy, who will guide you and help you get settled. A fan of extracurricular activities? Sign up for our ‘Young DPG’. Prefer something active? Several different sports classes, such as a Bootcamp or (kick)boxing, are also a possibility!

Are you interested in this position? 

Apply here directly. Would you like to know more? Ask your questions to Mark via mark.van.dommelen@dpgmedia.nl. You can also call or send an app to +316 83 80 00 59.



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